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CUBE 3D Cross Line Laser Level

CUBE 3D Cross Line Laser Level

Item #:790-33

Product Highlights

The CUBE 3D is a cross line self leveling laser with  a horizontal and 2 line vertical beam.

  • One horizontal and two vertical laser beams with 90° offset
  • -Up to 66-foot working range
  • -Self-leveling within ±3°
  • -±1/16 inch at 30 feet accuracy
  • -Compact and easy to use
  • -Heavy duty housing
  • -Available in 3 package options

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MSRP $139.95 to $189.95
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The CUBE 3D laser level is a compact, practical option for basic cross line leveling work. Measuring at 2 5/8”, the laser can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. It has a hard plastic housing to protect the laser beams and pendulum leveling system within. The housing has a ribbed rubber casing that protects it from scratches while giving extra friction to make it slip resistant. There are 3 separate laser beams, one horizontal and two vertical (90° offset from each other), with a maximum deviation (vertically) of just 3 degrees. This allows for intersecting layouts that require right angles and vertical alignment on separate walls. It’s ideal for hanging shelves, pictures, or any wall ornament. It’s a great option to use while hanging wallpapers, placing electrical wiring conduits, as a guide for suspended ceilings, and the like. The CUBE 3D has a quick pendulum self leveling system. Additionally, there is locking system that is automatically engaged when the laser is switched off to protect the system’s integrity during transportation. When turned on, the level will beep if it is out of leveling range. The CUBE 3D laser level has one mounting nut with a ¼” thread at the bottom of the unit. This allows you to mount it either to a bracket or a tripod for security. The unit can be placed on a regular surface, but securing it usually guarantees less movement for more accurate work.

Package Options:

  • Cube 3D Cross Line Laser Level Home Edition
    What’s Included:
    – Laser, Soft Case, and Clip Mount
  • Cube 3D Cross Line Laser Level Professional Edition
    What’s Included:
    -Laser, Soft Case, and Tripod
  •  Cube 3D Cross Line Laser Level Ultimate Edition
    What’s Included:
    -Laser, Soft Case, Clip Mount, Tripod, Hard Case, and Red Laser Glasses

Please note: This unit does not have a pulse mode and cannot be used with a laser detector.

Type of Material Item is constructed:
Plastic, Rubber casing

Weight 1.5-6 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5-18 x 5-20 in

Plastic, Rubber Casing


Black, Red

Actual Product Weight

.5 lbs to 8.11lbs

Finished Product Dimensions

2.5"L x 2.5"W x 2.5"H

Shipping Weight

790-33: 1.5lbs 790-34: 2.4lbs 790-35: 6 lbs

Shipping Dimensions

790-33: 5''L x 9''W x 5''H, 790-34: 5''L x 5''W x 20''H, 790-35: 5''L x 18''W x 15''H

Assembly Level

No Assembly Required

Country of Manufacture


UPC Code

790-33: 815236013119, 790-34: 815236013126, 790-35: 815236013133


2 year manufacturer's warranty

Select Package

Cube 3D Home Edition, Cube 3D Proffesional Edition, Cube 3D Ultimate Edition

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