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HD Wood/Fiberglass Tripod

HD Wood/Fiberglass Tripod

Item #:740-03

Product Highlights

Product Highlights

  • Sturdy wood and fiberglass
  • Heavy duty
  • 43″-72″ high
  • Choice of wing nut or quick clamp
  • Pointed steel feet
  • Flat head
  • Yellow with black band
  • 5/8″ X 11 thread

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The HD Wood/Fiberglass Tripod is a sturdy and reliable tripod that provides stable support, with a flat head and 5/8″ x 11 thread that fits most cameras, lasers, and other optical instruments. The sharp feet, made of hardened steel, dig in for dependable balance on soft surfaces and precision placement on hard surfaces. Changing out the shoes is quick and easy. This tripod is made of wood and fiberglass for long-lasting durability. The bright yellow and black coloration is easy to see on the job site. The folded height of this tripod is 43″. It is extendable out to 72″. It comes with a strap for easy transport. This wood and fiberglass tripod comes with your choice of fastener for the legs. The wing nut model comes with screw clamps on the bottom. The quick clamp model has fast-release closures at the top for speed and convenience.


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