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Multi-functional Wall Mount

Multi-functional Wall Mount

Item #:790-733

Product Highlights

Multi-functional Wall Mount is designed for security and durability:

  • Easy to use
  • Durable Metal and Plastic Components
  • Magnetic Anchors
  • Swing-out Platform
  • Level Locking Nut
  • Tripod Lock Knob
  • Angle Adjustment
  • Level Angle Lock knob (with detent increments)
  • Level Hot Shoe
  • Wall Mount Slots


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AdirPro’s Multi-functional Wall Mount is a mounting bracket for laser levels. This product has been engineered from quality materials at an affordable price. The bracket is compatible with popular levels such as Topcon, Leica, Bosch, Hilti, Firecore, and Dewalt. When a level is installed on the mount, it can be attached to a metal surface (using the on board magnets), a tripod (using the ¼” locking screw) or flush against a wall (using the screw slots). Once attached, the platform of the bracket can be swung out and locked to the exact angle you need.

  • Male thread: 0.25″ (for laser level)
  • Female thread: 0.25″ and 0.625″ (for tripod)
  • Adjustable Angle: 0 o – 90o
  • Load bearing Capacity : ≤4.5lb (2.0 kg) [ magnetic force may vary depending on type of ferrous surface]
  • Compatible Levels: Topcon, Leica, Bosch, Hilti, Firecore and Dewalt



Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 x 1.25 x 5.5 in
Actual Product Weight

0.5 lbs



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Durable Plastic and Metal

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